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General Information:

Registered capital: USD 1,500,000
Number of employees: about 130 people for the time being and expected to increase to 170 people in 2016
Annual output for aluminum die casting (2015): 600 tonne
Maximum production capability: 900 tonne
Field of application: 40% automobile, 40% LED equipment, 20% other industrial usage.
Pictures of facility and workshop

cold chamber die casting machines and melting furnace - xdl machinery

Cold chamber die casting machines (7 sets) and melting furnace (1 set for melting 500 kg aluminum)


die castings trimming deburring and shot blasting - xdl machinery

Trimming, deburring, and shot blasting


dies making - xdl machinery

Dies making and machining


die castings inspection - xdl machinery



die castings painting and drying- xdl machinery

Painting and Drying

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