Clay Mixer Sheet Metal Fabricated Watertight Tested in China and Exported to Japan

XDL Machinery just made a prototype of clay mixer for one of our foreign customers. The body of the mixer was excellently welded and machined, and passed watertight test. The fasteners for the watertight test was provided by our oversea customer.
XDL Machinery has been professional sheet metal fabrication supplier for more than 20 years.

xdl machinery clay mixter sheet metal fabrication exported to Japan

Customer Products Inspection Machined Flanges for Sea Water Tanks

Customers from Japan visited us for the first series production of the machined parts(flanges)they
ordered. Excellent job was done which exceeded customers’ expectation. The size and precision meets the
drawings’ requirements, and the products wrapped in plastic cloth were packed in a wooden case for
transportation as per customers’ request.

customer visit machined products xdl machienry

High Precision Machining Guaranteed by Horizontal Machining Centers

With two horizontal machining centers, the factory’s machining capability has been tremendously improved, and the accuracy of customers products is guaranteed.
We listed the specifications of the horizontal machining centers here for your reference:

Machine: Horizontal Machining Center
Brand/Model: OKUMA-BY JC MAR-630H
Quantity: 2 sets
Max workplace dimensions: Φ1,000×900 mm
Machining range:1,000×800×810mm
Max load capacity:1,200 kg
Work area: 630×630mm
Indexing angel: 1°
X axis (carrier horizontal): 1,000mm
Y axis (spindle head vertical):800mm
Z axis (table back/front): 810mm
Spindle center to plallet top: 50-850mm
Spindle nose to pallet center: 200-1,010mm
Positioning accuracy: ±0.004mm
Repeatability: ±0.0015mm

machined turning machines gear boxes


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